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The DOC Journey

The DOC Journey (Direct your Own Care) provides insights and tools to systematically address the complexity of chronic pain. As you master these skills, you will regain control of your body’s reactions to stress and be able to live the life you want on your own terms.

How do humans survive on this planet?

We survive by our nervous system continuously receiving signals from sensors located throughout our bodies (input). Your brain instantly sends out signals that cause reactions to keep you safe. Every cell is involved, adjusting your body temperature and chemistry, respiratory rate, heart rate, dilation and constriction of your pupils, etc.

Most of the time our bodily state is in a range where you feel content, but when an imbalance creates a threat, your body goes into survival mode and makes you feel uncomfortable. These feelings are valuable and compel us to take action to resolve the threat (output). It is how we evolved and continue to stay alive. There is deep science behind how and why physical and mental symptoms develop.


The DOC Journey offers clients the following resources that will lead to relief and recovery:

  • Guided Journey - A self-directed series of lessons with "rest stops" that allow you to review and practice what you have learned.
  • Monthly Webinars - These provide in-depth discussions on various topics and are also interactive.

  • Helpful Tools - Solving chronic pain requires that you learn techniques to calm down and rewire your nervous system
  • Education - As you learn these concepts, you will be able to translate them into action that is relevant to your specific situation.

  • Hope - Most people in chronic pain have lost hope and research shows that simply having hope is a significant factor in calming the body’s immune response and inflammation. You will hear stories of success to help you regain hope and foster healing.
  • Access - Caring professionals are available throughout your journey to answer your questions.


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